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  • Image of Nebaj no. 01
  • Image of Nebaj no. 01
  • Image of Nebaj no. 01

anne b designs and WILCOX Boots brings you a collection of classic bag silhouettes with a taste of authentic textiles from Guatemala

Just like WILCOX leather boots, this durable canvas tote can take on a full days work. The two-tone exterior compliments the unique interior pocket textile.*

Each tote bag is handcrafted and made with tough, black leather saddle straps and black brass tubular rivets.

Width - 23”
Height – 16”
Base Width – 5”
Strap Length – 24”
Drop Strap Length – 12”
Textile Pocket – 4” x 6”
Solid Pockets - 11” x 9” each

*This print is named after the Nebaj region in Guatemala. Each textile placement varies per bag.

Handmade in Salt Lake City, Utah

All bags are ready to order and guaranteed shipping within 5-7 business days.