Welcome to anne b designs! Anne is my middle name and b is for Burroughs. People call me Anne all the time, so it’s okay if you thought that, but I go by Sarah. Hi, nice to meet you!

After growing up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, I attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah studying dance and advertising.

It was in middle school when I took my first sewing class, and since then, I’ve always found myself creating new things out of frustration of poor design and functionality.

I started out making custom bags for friends when I was in college and has transformed my hobby into a full-time job creating retail products that keep the same spirit of customization for each customer.

anne b strives to provide you simple and practical designs, quality materials, and print combinations that will make a statement.

I volunteered in Uganda, Africa last summer and taught women and children how to sew and market their business.

That experience inspired me to launch a funding campaign last summer to develop a sewing school there, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The campaign was a success and things are moving along!

I moved my workspace out of my basement room to a spacious venue in downtown Salt Lake City. There are 6 new machines for students and am hosting weekly workshops for all ages and skill levels. anne b has also received local to international attention by customers and publishers and vendors. 

During campaign preparation, I connected with local leaders of refugee employment organizations, and since then have implemented a program to identify, train, and employ local refugees as seamstresses for anne b designs.

Hard work is priceless and feel that everyone deserves equal opportunities to utilize their skills and expand their creativity.

I’d love to hear from you about what you love or hate about your current bag and what you’d like to see from anne b designs!

If you are a retailer and buyer, please contact Bergen Stephens at bergen@annebdesigns.com for our wholesale catalog.

For all other media and collab inquiries, please email me at sarah@annebdesigns.com

Thank you so much for stopping by my shop today!

{ I also love math, Rubik’s cubes, pencil sketching, play the piano, and really want to learn how to play the drums }