2nd Annual Holiday Service Project 

                                                    Dec 12 + Dec 15

              Inspired by one of Salt Lake City's finest, hard working men. 


I was teaching a private lesson at my shop one afternoon when a gentleman named Anthony Marshall came in very anxious and eager to receive assistance. He had a lot of questions about different types of materials to make a sleeping bag, where to get them, and how much I charged. At first I thought we was a traveler and trying to get some good hikes in before it got cold, but soon discovered - he was homeless. 

I made an appointment for him to come back the following week so I could help him make a sleeping bag. 

He returned, on time with the right type of fabric and a zipper long enough for the project. He then showed me a thin sleeping bag than he HAND STITCHED, zipper and all. 

I spent the next two hours making the bag while he told me his story about him moving to Salt Lake City from Baltimore, MD because it was the first location to offer him a job, that most of his paycheck went to support his kids back east, that what he really wants to do is go to school to work as a medical assistant or auto mechanic, that he's trying to transfer to a Walmart location back in Baltimore, and about his life living in shelters and on the streets.

After the sleeping bag, he showed me a HAND STITCHED toiletries bag he constructed. Anthony simply wanted me to secure plastic around it to keep water from getting out or coming in. 

For those whole two hours, I held in a lot of emotions and questions. I didn't want to get too wrapped up in his history or tragedies because I knew that I wouldn't be able to contain my sympathy and tears any longer.

A man who travels across country for a job at Walmart just so he can turn around and give most of it to his kids back home, has dreams about being in the medical field, designs, engineers and HAND STITCHES a full size sleeping bag and intricate case, and pays cash for me to finalize his work DESERVES BETTER. But, there was nothing more I could do. 

The only other thing he asked me was to give him a call on Christmas to wish him a Merry Christmas. 

Ok Anthony, I can definitely do that!

                             INTERVIEW STORY

Listen HERE for my interview ("The Giver") with Lance Allred of Culture Jock (11/2016) as I go into more detail about my education and career background and experience meeting Mr. Anthony Marshall. 

     JOIN US

(1) Join the community and sign-up for a worshop to learn how to make a drawstring backpack (hygiene kit) on Dec 12th or Dec 13th and then we'll donate them to Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City. They will then supply the homeless community with your handmade items during their Christmas Eve banquet and pass them out to other homeless individuals just like Anthony Marshall.

2016 Service Project (KSL News)

(2) Donate a bag, warm clothing, or hygiene items when you com to a class or during class hours. Dec 12 and 15, 6:30-9pm. (Hygiene items - toothbrush, toothpaste, deoderant, hand sanitizer, comb, q-tips, feminine products)

(3) Provide a monetary donation to Rescue Mission or through anne b. anne b will use the funds to purchase donation items listed above. 

(4) Send a holiday greeting to Mr. Anthony Marshall for Christmas. Click HERE to send him an email. Or fill out THIS form and we'll send it for you. And/or if you have other ways you'd like to help out Anthony this holiday, send me an EMAIL and we'll make it happen! 

**REQUIRED** Send in a request to ELLEN to send some love to Anthony this holiday season :)


Since last year, Anthony moved to the Walmart in Baltimore, Maryland and is currently working in Reno, Nevada. He has also signed up to complete his GED.